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Image of Hibernation (2-5 Players)

Hibernation (2-5 Players)


Want to be a bear?

2-5 Players · 20-60 Minutes · Ages 8+

68 - Cards
1 - Fold-Out Rule Sheet
All contained in a compact, easy to travel with, Tuck Box.

Players take on the role of a bear waking from Hibernation, slim and hungry, and must prepare for the next year’s big sleep. Alas, other bears in the ecosystem have become extremely competitive. Players must race to gather food while fending off foes along the way. A deck of cards contains the means of finding food. Each player’s deck starts bare, but they strive to make it a perfect library of food-collecting assets. To do this, they must forage, frenzy, and possibly steal to stockpile their hoard of food. Then, eat their food in proper portions to gain layers of fat. The first one to achieve the five required layers of fat can rest easy – victorious!

“It looks simple to pick up, but there is a depth of strategy.”
“I like the double-layer aspect of this deck-builder - you’re not just playing cards to get VP; you’re playing cards to get cards to get VP.”
- Judges from BFIG: Winner of the Best Family Game in 2018

“Hibernation is no snooze fest ... the theme of the game works well with the style.”
“Knowing what cards are in an opponent’s deck, and making them reshuffle before they get to play a [Thief] or crucial [Forage] card, can be effective.”
- Glitch Free Gaming

“Quicker to learn and play than other deck-builders ... great for parties.”
“A deck-building game that turns a lot of conventions on their heads. You start with no deck. You never have a hand of cards. You don’t shuffle your discard pile to make a deck unless you explicitly spend your turn’s action doing so."
“...or you could just nap and see if your opponent will choose the shuffle action.”
“You can trash your own cards at any time. Clever and fun!”
- Commenters from BoardGameGeek

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